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Two Chinese academics revived the theory that the new coronavirus, 2019-nCoV, is said to have escaped from a Wuhan laboratory , the epicenter of the epidemic in China. In an article published on Saturday February 15, 2020 on the ResearchGate platform – which has no scientific value in itself – and since withdrawn, they set out a number of disturbing facts which have since been relayed by various Twitter accounts (see below) It is accepted that coronavirus, which has already contaminated more than 78,000 people and nearly 2,000 dead, likely transmitted from bats to humans by genetic recombination to favor of close contacts. Its genome is indeed similar to 89% and 96% with two strains studied in bats inlaboratory for several years. However, close to the Wuhan fish market, from which the epidemic is believed to have originated, are the
laboratories of the Center for the prevention and control of the city ​​(WHCDC), where hundreds of bats are kept carriers of the virus….


…. In reality, the hypothesis of a virus escaping from a laboratory, if not impossible, can indeed be completely ruled out at this stage, arose as early as first days of the epidemic declared in January 2020. But it’s another site that was targeted, 12 km from the fish market: the Institut de Wuhan virology, which since 2017 has had a very high security says “P4”. This first time, the origin of the rumor was not not scientists, but the ZeroHedge site, regularly updated cause in the dissemination of false information. Shortly after the publication of a post implicitly calling into question a researcher from laboratory P4, the Twitter account ZeroHedge (670,000 subscribers) has also been definitively suspended. However, since the disappearance of the article by Botao Xiao from the ResearchGate platform, it is the ZeroHedge site which continues to relay this dubious document.
Not very credible, the scenario of a virus mistakenly released from a laboratory is certainly plausible. But the number of other more credible scenarios (encounter between bats, Man and another animal) is such that no one is able today to comment on the origin of the virus.


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