Viral pandemic: Fear on the world and media terrorism!

While the world is still in the grips of the Covid-19 pandemic and the balance sheet keeps getting worse every day, François Klotz, professor emeritus at the Val de Grâce School, points out the responsibility for information continuous. Here is his text as it was transmitted to us.
This text was written by François Klotz, Professor Emeritus at the Val de Grâce School and former holder of the Chair of Tropical Medicine in the Armed Forces Health Service
“Continuous news channels have been in the arena since the announcement of the extensive viral infection that has invaded the world. Monomanic information has eradicated all other news from the planet. Men continue to live and die As in the past, the government paralyzed by the development of the epidemic stopped in unison the economy of their countries, asking their people to lock themselves up to avoid overflowing their means of reaction to the crisis.
The media coverage at the moment T of all news and the inevitable dissemination of false news is deleterious in this permanent palaver of journalists of various quality, frantically questioning sometimes questionable experts, a number of whom are in poor image while having passed the retirement age. The opportunistic escalation stirs up the climate of collective anguish which has been established by the authorities to obtain the containment of the population. The media took advantage of it to increase their audience in a single-minded and litany discourse in which the most reasonable man gets lost and worries. All other news from the world has disappeared or passed in the appendix.
We are in the characterized flaw of modern information which does not know how to make the share of the things and tirelessly repeats anxiety messages on a new infectious pathology which we discover every day in its clinical and immune expression.
The epidemiological diversity is intriguing and the regional differences in the aggressiveness of …
viral infection does not necessarily respond to treatment different from barrier measures or containment. Everyone’s immune history keeps its secrets, and those who are candidates for the deadly cytokine-releasing immune storm are not always known in advance.
The western world seems to be paying the highest price for infection despite all the measures taken to contain the wave. On the contrary, poor or very poor countries which would not have the means to care for a large number of patients seem relatively protected by the epidemic wave! The most plausible but very difficult hypothesis to verify is the contact of these poor African or Asian populations with a multitude of pathogens; including many viruses, from early childhood. Would this richness in various antibodies be a natural protection against such epidemics? A happy omen!
This epidemic will, of course, cause far fewer deaths than the great epidemics of past centuries, but it could indirectly increase the morbidity and mortality of the poorest and most vulnerable, by the consequences of the tsunami created by the stoppage of the world economy. which will restart slowly leaving a lot of people on the platform!
Continuous information for populations without a medical or scientific culture is dangerous and anxiety-provoking, taking individuals hostage who do not have the means to discriminate and relativize.
We had the impression of falling into a “Orwellian” world where the great authorizing officer of “1984” seemed to be agitated behind the restrictions of privacy, the ukases, the threats and the tracking of the new “plague victims”.
Passing on knowledge is a fine job and we who pass on scientific knowledge are firmly convinced of this. Passing on general information should be exhilarating, but the bludgeoning of uncertain, unverified or unverifiable news is anxiety-provoking and can border on media terrorism. Let us hope that our media outlets learn from it! “

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