Society evolves and with it, people. Traditional tourism is giving away to new and suggestive forms of tourism that are changing  the sector’s outlook.

Green tourism or rural tourism, as an alternative for nature lovers, is a concept of life focused on respect, conservation and enjoyment of the environment with health and tranquility.

This responsible and personalized tourism is born from a series of concerns (ex COVID-19) that begin to arise among the world’s population, including respect for the flora and fauna and lifestyle of the habitants of the rural areas of destination. Also of the need to restore the natural heritage and the elimination of collateral damage caused by mass tourism.

This new type of tourism also implies the possibility of using alternative means of transport and eliminating or reducing air , acoustics and light pollution, which benefits physical and mental health. These and many others at a particular level, including that it is not a tourism with exorbitant prices, are the reasons why, for several years the term green tourism is beginning to become a trend.

If we stop to think, green tourism offers many advantages for both the environment and the individual. Let’s try to list some of them:

1) Improvement of the economy of the habitants of rural areas and regeneration and care of the natural sources.

2) Recovery of damaged and abandoned natural areas.

3) Recognition of the role of women in the undertaking and management of hotel accommodation for ecotourism.

Other advantages of green tourism that have an impact on the individual itself are:

1) Greater awareness and solidarity attitude, since we are collaborating with the environmental problem, from which not only we benefit now, but also our descendants will do as well..

2) Health improvement, with elimination of stress and also the fact of being able to choose organic and natural products in holiday consumption.

Undoubtedly the environmental improvement, moving away from the large population centers and resorting to green spaces and free of pollution will increase our well-being and happiness.

Today, green tourism, rural tourism, is growing worldwide. Java, due to its orographic characteristics and its natural corners, is one of the countries where this new way of tourism is happening with great intensity. MI CASA, discover a places where the stay frees the body… and the soul.


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