According to the WHO, 4,682,000 people have died from the pandemic in 20 months. To date, the number of deaths due to covid-19 is 0.036% of the world population over 12 months. We can only be sad for them, but most of these victims already suffered from comorbidities, obesity, cancer, diabetes, etc. and 65% were over 80, many of them had only one or two years of life expectancy.
The social and economic consequences have affected 99.96% of the world population, confinements, curfews, bankruptcies, suicides, distress, job losses, other illnesses not treated in time, deferred surgeries, psychological shock of young children. Is there something wrong in today’s world? Are leaders aware of the damage caused by their decisions? Are they at the mercy of big pharma, and gafas, big winners of the event and their diktats? Do we have the right to ask the question whether private or superior interests have presided over all this maze of decisions and counter-decisions? Most have spent their time copying each other like bad students. Is it foolish or conspiratorial to think that policymakers are simply not up to the task?

Should large and powerful groups be prohibited from owning more than a small percentage of newspapers and other media groups? Because we must realize that they have played a major role in the struggle of ideas, the “good” against the “bad” … often according to their own criteria, see those of their owners. The populations have been mistreated, their rights confiscated, their opinion ignored, brandishing the specter of their responsibility over the course of the events. They were treated like irresponsible children.
Are there not reasonable voices to question those sometimes inaudible or untrue of those who organize the destinies of women and men on this planet?

Subsidiary question: is it not curious (according to the WHO map) that the people least severely affected are precisely those where malaria is frequent? Would there be a link with the prevention of malaria, chloroquine for example?

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