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Old colonial style cottage this cottage is surrounded by plants, flowers and trees, favorite cottage for couple, all built wood,bricks and stones, with fine deco. This 40 m2 bungalow include a private pondok with tatami, have sofa and a big airy bathroom. Nested in the lush, it faces a big fish pond, you have direct access to our waterfall dominated by a wooden deck.

Have a king bed with mosquito screen, a sitting area, frige, aircond, fan and some amenities for your comfort.

The spacious bathroom has hot and cold water, shampoo and soap dispenser, hair dryer.

Nights are fresh, if not cold depending the period. This house is perfectly ventilated and does not need AC, as most our cottages, but you may choose to have it on.

You will feel home.

Down the park you access to the waterfall through the garden, where you can enjoy a bubble bath like in jaccuzi.

Immersed in nature near a traditional village. Enjoy nature and authentic Javanese ambiance, rice fields, rivers, waterfalls and plantations. Hikers, adventurers will find the desired rest after the blue flames. Feel at home, in a friendly atmosphere. Tasty food, local and french meals, barbecue. Welcome

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