United States: Nebraska breaks taboo and authorizes early treatment  Publié le 28/10/2021 à 21:34 Doug Peterson conducted a full-scale investigation Twitter DP Thunderclap in the State of Nebraska! A careful investigation led by Attorney General Doug Peterson denounces the fraudulent practices of the behemoths of the pharmaceutical industry and the questionable links with regulatory agenciesContinue reading “CAN DAVID OVERCOME GOLIATH?”


GREEN INSPIRATION Finding inspiration and meditation in our 120 m2 villa, nested in the green, with a total privacy. Two spacious bedrooms with one king size and one single bed and seating area. Two bathrooms with shower and hot water. The main bathroom include a full size bathtub. The villa offer a 30 m2 saloonContinue reading “DREAM IN THE GREEN”


De nos jours, la population ne cesse d’augmenter avec aujourd’hui plus de 7.78 milliards d’habitants ( 2020). Le nombre de naissances toujours supérieur au nombre de morts montre que la tendance mondiale ne va pas changer d’ici peu. Or, la planète possède un nombre limité de ressources et la surpopulation peut avoir de nombreux impactsContinue reading “PLANÈTE O PLANÈTE”


According to the WHO, 4,682,000 people have died from the pandemic in 20 months. To date, the number of deaths due to covid-19 is 0.036% of the world population over 12 months. We can only be sad for them, but most of these victims already suffered from comorbidities, obesity, cancer, diabetes, etc. and 65% wereContinue reading “DISSIDENCE OR EVIDENCE?”