Our cottages and villas are built all in wood and stones, furnished and decorated with Javanese antics, making my accommodation different than the others. It is spacious, charming, looking and feeling luxurious. It is romantic for a couple and comfortable for a group or family. You will experience living nearby a waterfall in a luxurious tropical park. Hundreds of birds living in and around, tropical fishes, flowers, orchids and numerous type of trees will transport you in another world. As animal lovers, we host some, cat, dogs, fishes, otters, goose…. plus some uncontrolled visitors (monkeys, civets, birds, owls etc) We use to cook for our guests. Simple but tasty LOCAL AND INTERNATIONAL food, grilled fish, grilled meat, italian spaghettis, and some other secret from the chef.

Inside Mi casa

Nearby Mi casa



Kawah Ijen

Baluran Park

Let’s build something together.

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