Cela faisait longtemps qu’on ne l’avait plus vu dans les médias : l’épidémiologiste Laurent Toubiana a relevé “le Défi de la vérité” ce matin, peu avant la conférence de presse d’Olivier Véran. Après avoir longtemps prêché dans le désert, le chercheur à l’Inserm fait son retour à un moment “où la compréhension du phénomène évolueContinue reading “AU FOND DES CHOSES”


GREEN INSPIRATION Finding inspiration and meditation in our 120 m2 villa, nested in the green, with a total privacy. Two spacious bedrooms with one king size and one single bed and seating area. Two bathrooms with shower and hot water. The main bathroom include a full size bathtub. The villa offer a 30 m2 saloonContinue reading “DREAM IN THE GREEN”


According to the WHO, 4,682,000 people have died from the pandemic in 20 months. To date, the number of deaths due to covid-19 is 0.036% of the world population over 12 months. We can only be sad for them, but most of these victims already suffered from comorbidities, obesity, cancer, diabetes, etc. and 65% wereContinue reading “DISSIDENCE OR EVIDENCE?”