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BEST GREEN HOTEL IN BANYUWANGI A green getaway. There is always a piece of heaven on earth. If you miss nature, know that nature miss you. The place of man is where he flourished. Rediscover the simple joys, the moments of contemplation which remind us that we are above all a masterpiece of nature. While fleeing in the cities,Continue reading “BEST GREEN HOTEL IN BANYUWANGI”

CEMERLANG HIJAU Surga yang luas, di mana jarak sosial itu alami. Bunga-bunga hijau, tanaman, bunga, anggrek, di tepi aliran sungai. Tempat di mana Anda dapat berbicara tentang segala hal, dengan teman. Makanan sehat dan rapi. Muak dengan pengurungan? This villa surrounded by plants, flowers and trees is our most remote cottage, in the back of the park,Continue reading “CEMERLANG HIJAU”


As a child, while living in Palo Alto, California, he built a particle accelerator. He later became one of the founding fathers of string theory. Today Michio Kaku, with his long silvery mane, is one of the best-known scientists in the world: several of his books were bestsellers and he has made numerous television appearances,Continue reading “YOUR HEAD IN THE STARS?”


From Mi Casa experience a jungle trekking with Sam, best guide for bird watching. Early morning or dawn are the best. EREK EREK IS SAM’S BASE CAMP RESERVATION AT THE HOTEL UPON ARRIVAL


Enjoy horse riding through rice field and remote villages, till sunset set ablaze gorgeous landscape. For beginners, it is not necessary to know how to ride a horse. Each horse is accompanied by its groom. Perfectly safe for children. The hike starts from Mi Casa and lasts 3 to 4 hours for the low priceContinue reading “HORSE RIDING NEAR IJEN”

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